A good Search Engine Optimization plan is critical for your trade industry business. Nationally or locally, we will get more eyes on your website for more leads.

You will know how important advertising is for a business, and just like when your name is spread by word of mouth, our SEO services will spread the word of your business’s website online so customers hear about you first.

The SEO services we provide at Tradez Marketing will improve your online visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, giving you and your trades business access to a larger, consistent audience of potential customers, or as we call them, leads. Generating leads means generating interest or inquiry from potential customers and it’s the ultimate opportunity for doing business.


Simply put, we optimize your site so that search engines like Google can easily find important keywords relating to your business. We also provide a number of backlinks for your site increase your site’s authority, improving its ranking and making it more visible in searches.

We offer additional services to optimize your site, so please contact us for a quote and a personalized approach to improving your trade business’s online presence.

The conversion rate (the percentage of website visitors who are converted into customers) for SEO optimized sites is 14.6%, outcompeting traditional methods which only average a 1.7% conversion rate.

There are three aspects to how SEO helps your business:

Improving traffic quality

It doesn’t matter if you can generate lots of traffic to your business’s site if they aren’t looking for your services to begin with. We help ensure that the people who are looking online for the services you provide get directed straight to you, giving you more leads and a lower bounce rate.

Improving traffic quantity

The more traffic to your business’s site, the more leads you will get for potential customers. Correct SEO practices will place your site higher on search engine lists, making you one of the first options for them to choose from.

Generating organic results

Organic traffic is traffic to your site that you have not directly paid for, such as with paid ads. Once your site has been optimized with SEO, organic traffic and leads will naturally come your way.

SEO is 5.66 times more effective than paid search engine ads. That’s because consumers are more likely to trust organic results, being skeptical of paid online ads.

What are you looking for?

Local SEO

If you need to target the local area in which you operate in, then we can provide you with a tailor-made SEO design that focuses on a specific and local geographic area.

National SEO

Do you operate throughout the country and need to target customers on a national level? We can also implement SEO strategies for multiple countries depending on the range of your trade business.

Franchise SEO

If you have taken a franchise approach to your trade, we can give you an SEO strategy that targets multiple regions with multiple business locations.

SEO is the most effective and efficient method for directing the right people directly to your site so that you can continue growing your trade business without worrying about where the next job will come from.

Get in touch with us and we can handle the SEO side of your business’s website, letting you focus on getting the hard work done.

Search engines drive 93% of online traffic. This is where you will find the largest audience, and thanks to our expertise, you can take advantage of it and get the competitive edge for your trades business.

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