Let us help you connect with more customers. Pay Per Click is a good way of doing that. Google guaranteed ads for the trades industry work wonders. Only pay for leads.

Paid search marketing (also referred to as PPC) is another great approach for getting any blue-collar trade business more leads, more interest, and more customers.

PPC is an alternative marketing method to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that business owners and advertisers can employ. Instead of focusing on rankings in search engines such as Google, we at Tradez Marketing can set up any trade business with online PPC advertisements based on keywords suited to your business.

Ad charges only occur when the ad is clicked on, so you are only paying for traffic that goes to your site rather than traditional styles like renting an advertising space for a set amount that might not give you any results. You can set a budget with us for the amount you wish to spend on PPC to keep the campaign scaled to your needs.

Marketers who use a combination of organic SEO techniques and PPC ads are able to get on average 25% more clicks and 27% more profits compared to marketers and businesses who only choose to use one technique.

What Can PPC Do for a Regular Blue-Collar Business?

Think of how we use Google: When someone searches for “local auto electrician”, Google will give a list of results for different sites. With our work in PPC ads, your site could be at the very top of the list for you chosen keywords. This can position any business as the first that potential customers see when searching online.

We at Tradez Marketing are Google AdWords certified and are proficient in the worlds single most popular advertising system, among others. We have the means of getting you and your business PPC advertisement not just on the Google search engine, but on Google’s other properties too.

An additional bonus to PPC advertising is that while it really helps in generating leads for your site and business, it also allows you to sell products and services directly with one click rather than requiring customers to browse the site first.

Contact us if you think this is the option for your trade business, or if you would like more information on the process.

52% of people who click on PPC advertisements call the advertiser. This means that your PPC campaign not only brings traffic to your business’s site, it also brings potential customers over the phone.

Why Do I Need a Professional to Implement PPC?

Because PPC campaigns are based on keywords related to your business, there is often competition as advertisers bid for the best keywords. This makes some words more expensive than others. Part of our job is to identify the best, most relevant keywords for you at the best price and to bid on your behalf for ad placement on Google’s system and various sites.

A well-implemented PPC campaign will give you and your trade business more conversions, that is, it turns more visitors into customers than an average campaign. This is where our expertise lies.

We can provide you with a successful PPC campaign that has:
  • Relevant keywords, keyword groups, and great ad text
  • A quality landing page that is persuasive and relevant with a clear call to action
  • Creativity that captivates and draws in additional leads for your business

A professionally implemented PPC campaign earns more clicks while also costing less per click thanks to Google’s rating system. PPC is one of our specialties, and we would love to hear from you so we can help improve your trade business’s online marketing strategies.

We love our customers!