If you need any help for your marketing team, we will gladly help and assist your trade industry business team to put their best foot forward.

There are plenty of ways to expand your business, but you can’t scale your company successfully without a marketing strategy.  Often, this requires a market consultation, where you can compare the strengths and weaknesses of different marketing strategies.

It might require a more data-driven approach, some new innovative tactics, or you might find that a fresh perspective helps frame the way that you market your company differently.

Tradez Marketing can help your company refine its marketing message and find trades industry clients and customers quicker and more efficiently. We can also help when it comes to coming up with a cohesive social media strategy or offering specialized skills, whether you require copywriting services, a PR campaign, or other marketing needs.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Many organizations will spend a significant amount of money on figuring out their demographic, without taking the time to truly understand their target audience, their expectations, and what helps drive more sales and repeat customers.

Tradez Marketing and our market consultation experts can help you figure out where to find new customers, how to approach them, and what benefits to separate your company from the competition. The trades industry can be quite competitive, but understanding your target audience in a more meaningful way can be crucial to your success.

There are a variety of reasons why carving out a target audience can be useful. First, it can refine your offer, and A/B testing can also help you craft and adjust your marketing campaign to perfection. Second, by understanding your customer’s expectations, you can learn more about what else you can offer them to lead to new streams of revenue.

Reputation Management

When it comes to blue-collar companies, it’s important to go back to the marketing basics. While there’s nothing wrong with a glossy corporate marketing strategy, the fact remains that many blue-collar companies are successful because of their credibility and their relationships.

Tradez Marketing can help ensure that your online reputation is managed and strengthened. Our professionals understand the importance of trust, credibility, and reputation, and can improve your brand perception. In the trades industry, it’s true that “reputation can be everything,” so it should be protected at all costs.

Remaining Straightforward

In the corporate world, there’s often so much jargon that it ends up confusing the consumer regarding the exact product and services that are offered. In the trades industry, it’s more respected if marketing is straightforward and conversational.

Conversational marketing is one of the reasons that chatbots have become so popular and effective. In fact, trades industry leaders often succeed precisely because their marketing message is so clear and cohesive. We all know that trades industry workers aren’t interested in suits and corporate boardrooms, but prefer to cut out the “fluff” that is often associated with marketing and advertising.

At Tradez Marketing, we understand that marketing can be confusing. Our professionals can help you figure out what works best, whether it’s crafting an innovative digital marketing strategy or repositioning your brand to a new demographic. We know that it can often be confusing to establish a unique presence in the trade industry. Still, our marketing experts can help you figure out how to establish your organization and send a clear message to consumers.

We love our customers!