We will help you gain and audience and grow your trade marketing business with email marketing!

Gone are the days when those in the trades industry could rely on word-of-mouth to grow their business. Your customers would know you from previous jobs – they might have even worked with your grandfather – and naturally, trust you to take care of their problem. Having worked years with those in trade service companies, we at Tradez Marketing know that this approach is reliable only if you are working in an area with limited competition.

Importantly, this model would mostly work if you are an individual working in a trade. If you are a trade service company looking to systematically grow your leads and expand your customer base, you need to look at modern communication tools. And chief among them for the trades industry is email marketing.

Why trade service companies need email marketing

There are many reasons why those in the trades industry should do email marketing, but the most compelling one is the return it provides. According to a study, for every dollar you spend on email marketing, the returns are a whopping $42. Almost 60% of all marketers say they get their best returns through emails. Of all the digital marketing tools that Tradez Marketing uses, email tends to offer the highest bang for the buck.

That makes it one of the most productive forms of marketing, particularly for small and medium enterprises. Looking for more leads? Email tends to deliver better than most other forms of marketing.

31% of marketers in the B2B space say that emails are the most effective at growing leads. But emails are effective in retaining customers too. Almost 80% of marketers believe it is the right tool for customer retention.

How to get the best out of email marketing for trade service companies

It’s important to have a clear strategy in email marketing. Your objective would be vastly different from some other company’s. Your primary aim would be different for different sets of customers. Some of the best practices we at Tradez Marketing believe in can be summed up as follows:

Treat it like a conversation

Your content should be created like a conversation you are having with your customer. Your tone and manner should be approachable and friendly. Treat them like individuals and not groups.

Segmentation is key

Different customers have different profiles. Some may be leads, some may be repeat customers. Know who you are talking to so that you can customize the content. Tradez Marketing has a set of segmentation tools that allows us to tailor the communication according to the customer’s engagement level or work history. 


It should be interesting, related to your services, and believable. As you develop a comprehensive newsletter strategy, you could also expand to cover the broader industry trends. For e.g., if you are in the electrical trade, your emails could talk about the benefits of switching to solar.

Know when it’s right

Among other things, email open-rates also depend on when you sent them. You should know at what point of the day your leads are more likely to open and read your emails and send them accordingly.

As with any strategy, email marketing also takes time. But if you diligently do it with interesting content and an organized database, you will start seeing credible results. Having worked with numerous business owners like you, Tradez Marketing has customized email marketing plans to effectively grow leads and retain customers, both in the short and long term.

We love our customers!