Benefits of using Google Guaranteed Ads For The Trade Industry

Google Ads

Whether you’ve been in the trade business for a long time and you’re improving your online presence, or you’re just getting started and trying to get your name out there, Google Guaranteed Ads are awesome for the trade industry.

What’s even better is that it doesn’t take a technological wizard to understand how to get your business backed by the Google Guarantee or how to set up ads through Google.

So, let’s take a look at how you can secure the coveted green checkmark for yourself, and how these ads have the potential to change the trade industry for the better.

What are Google Guaranteed Ads?

The Google Guarantee program was set up in California as a response to scam artists luring in victims through Google Ads. Today, it’s now available in 15 states, and this list is always expanding. Any legitimate home service business can apply for the Google Guarantee, and once you’ve been verified, your customers will see a green checkmark by your business name to signify that you’re legitimate.

This also means that when you run ads through Google, these will also display the Google Guarantee mark, so customers know they’re looking at a professional tradesperson.

How Can I Apply For Google Guaranteed?

Fortunately, the process is clear and easy to understand. You’ll need to sign up for ads on Google Local Services, as well as undergo a free background check to verify your operating licenses and insurance.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a storefront and use your home address as your business address, the application is harder to pass. To prevent scammers from passing the application process, Google will only verify businesses that have a storefront.

How Much Do Google Guaranteed Ads Cost?

While it’s free to apply for the Google Guaranteed program, you need to be aware that it costs more to procure leads through this method. You’ll be paying for these ads on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis, so there aren’t necessarily any monthly fees, but leads can cost anywhere between $10-$30 dollars each.

The Benefits of Google Guaranteed Ads For The Trade Industry

Increases Legitimacy

Unfortunately, the trade industry is one that’s been hit particularly hard by the rise in scammers posing as local traders, which makes it difficult for your customers to know who’s legitimate if they’ve never done business with you before. While you might think that your reviews speak for you, it’s the sad truth that there will always be customers who don’t trust your reviews are legitimate.

The Google Guaranteed program helps to increase your business’ legitimacy by providing a verification service. With Google being a household name, and one that is widely trusted, having the backing of Google’s verification service means that customers will have more trust in you. After all, you’ve not only gone through the process of becoming Google Guaranteed, but you’ve also been accepted onto the program, which for customers is a good indication of legitimacy.

Improved Return on Investment (ROI)

Many professionals in the trade industry are often hesitant to take out ads on Google because they’re not convinced that they’ll see any results for their money. However, with the improved legitimacy we’ve just talked about, your Google Guaranteed ads will take on a whole new level.

When customers are searching for services that you provide, your business will automatically be bumped to the front, making it the first result that your target audience sees. This is one of the reasons why leads can cost so much compared to other PPC advertising solutions, but it still offers a better ROI.

Why? Because when customers click on your website, they’ve already chosen you as a shortlisted trader. So, they’re more likely to contact you to schedule one of your services than if you weren’t using Google Guaranteed Ads.

Improved Conversion Rate

When you’re verified for Google Guaranteed, it means your customers can claim money back from Google if they found you through the search engine and used your services. Of course, you’re a professional and the likelihood of that happening is extremely slim, particularly as Google will contact you before they take any action.

However, given how wary customers are now there’s more scam artists operating in the trade industry, this guarantee can go a long way to help you convert your leads into paying customers. After all, when they know they can claim their money back if things go wrong, they’re more likely to take a chance on your services – and let you gain their trust.