3 Digital Marketing Ideas for The Construction Industry

It’s no secret that an online presence and a robust digital marketing strategy can do wonders for companies in all sectors. However, many construction companies still don’t seem to grasp the importance of marketing online, and many of them end up giving up market share as a result. The construction industry can be incredibly competitive, and digital marketing can help your company stand out from the rest.

Some construction companies might understand that they could benefit from digital marketing but may be unsure about the right strategy to consider. Here are three digital marketing ideas for the construction industry that can help them gain traction with consumers, clients, and customers online.

1. The Website Shouldn’t Be Complicated

A website can be incredibly important to any business, and that certainly includes companies within the construction industry. You should understand that visitors want to know what you are offering as soon as possible, and your website should be easy to navigate and clear in its messaging. No consumer wants to feel confused to the point where they decide that another company might understand their needs better.

Your leads shouldn’t feel overwhelmed when they come across your website, and you should also make your contact information clear in case they are unclear about a particular aspect of your business. Your website should be very organized, and it should work just as well on mobile.

If your website has many tabs, make sure that each tab offers unique and valuable information. Your organization should understand that the right website is one of the biggest foundations to a successful digital marketing strategy.

2. Featuring Employees

Many consumers want to know exactly who they are dealing with, and some construction companies fail to connect with them by not elaborating on their employees. A client might feel like an organization is more trustworthy if they know a bit about the people with the company, rather than thinking of them as some sort of abstract organization.

While this might not mean that you should show off every aspect of their personal life, some smiling photos of your employees can go a long way. You might want to consider putting up pictures and bios of key employees so that visitors know more about your organization and who works for them. You might be surprised to find that showing off the “human” aspect of your business could generate more revenue.

3. Feature Reviews and Testimonials Prominently

In the construction industry, there are plenty of businesses that are eager to explain why they offer the best service or are willing to work at more affordable rates. However, most people just want to make sure that your business meets client expectations. Clients and customers are always looking to make sure that reviews are positive for a business, and it could be a great testimonial that ends up convincing them to pick up the phone and contacting you.

If you prominently feature reviews and testimonials, it’s a huge plus in terms of establishing some sort of trust or credibility. Don’t make this content hard to find on your website: it is probably more important than you realize!