Tradez Marketing connects small to medium sized trade industry businesses with customers…and has a great time doing it for the last 20+ years.

We are and come from Blue Collar families, our families are in the trades, and worked to help us get to where we are today.  In fact, for example, our senior partner’s great grandfather put the needle on the Terminal Tower here in Cleveland and half of his family is in the Union here in Cleveland, pipe fitters, masonry, etc. This led us to create Tradez Marketing because we wanted to help our friends and family with digital marketing, that work in the trade industry.

Let’s face it, most folks that wind up owning a company in the trades, started at the bottom of the ladder and after years of hard work and a lot of personal risk finally started out on their own. This means they really know what they are doing when it comes to their industry, however as many find out, this doesn’t make them an expert in accounting, insurance, workman’s comp, marketing or any of the other functions business owners need.

Tradez Marketing are experts in web creation and digital marketing. That’s what we do. We have the necessary background in the various trades to understand you and your business needs and we design our programs around you. We use our computers the way our families use hammers… as tools to reach a specific goal.

We speak in plain English so you understand what we are doing on your behalf and present you with options to consider moving forward to accomplish your goals. We look forward to helping you to achieve your business goals and increasing your revenues.

We look forward to hearing from you from either a call or an email and setting up a time to learn more about you and your company!